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The Recording Certification of Nigeria will operate in Nigeria to issue Gold and Platinum awards to quantify, set and celebrate artistic achievement in the country. RCN, formed by TurnTable Charts and WeTalkSound, will seek to set standards that will not only ensure that artistic landmarks are celebrated, but also create a benchmark in which artistes of all genres, are represented.

Before the existence of RCN, Gold and Platinum plaques have been limited to a few set of artistes who have achieved success in international market (minimal compared to that in which is being achieved at home). 

Now, every Nigerian artiste can now celebrate their achievement using standard metrics. Also, Africa’s biggest music market now boast of a standard certification body that will lay the foundation for bigger things to be achieved in the country. 

The founding members of Recording Certification of Nigeria are happy to be a part of this groundbreaking project and are committed to the work ahead. 

Today, we can finally say there is now a music certification in Nigeria.